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Hyundai Azera is a premium large sedan from South Korea with superior styling inside and out, spacious, high fuel economy and premium performance for a fair price. The newly-redesigned Azera is a perfect balance of quality, performance and luxury with an exterior that creates a sense of speed and movement.

It features increased front passenger space, with a 3.3-liter V6 engine producing 293HP, as well as a six-speed automatic with manual shift control. 18-inch alloy wheels come standard, as do LED accent lighting, heated front and rear seats, rearview camera and seven-speaker CD player with satellite radio.
 Azera's LED front accent lights on the 2013 models give the Hyundai Azera an elegantly curved grille, helping the driver see and be seen. In addition, the high-efficiency LED lighting minimizes energy consumption and maximizes the car’s unique style. The chrome-tipped dual exhaust system is perfectly integrated into the rear bumper and is tuned to complement a powertrain designed for efficiency and power.
As for the interior, the new Hyundai Azera is available with a 12-way adjustable power driver seat. With standard heated front and rear seats, the Azera provides premium options for everyone such as ventilated front seats, premium audio systems, rear side-window sunshades and a power rear sunshade. Rear-seat passengers have access to comfort features including a power rear window sunshade, manually activated rear side-window sunshades and standard second-row air vents. Through just one button, the power rear sunshade deploys to block out the sun, keeping the interior cool even in hot weather.

The 3.3L V6 engine creates an effortless flow of power and surprising fuel efficiency using advancements such as gasoline direct injection that enables getting the optimal mix of fuel and air into the combustion chamber in the service of engine tuning. The new Azera is a premium sedan that knows what to do with all of that fluid power when the road turns rough. Equipped with amplitude selective damping suspension, it makes possible a sophisticated steering response in a variety of bad road situations and a smooth ride on most different road surfaces.
Imperial Motors makes sure to include the most important safety features as: Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control System (TCS), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) if needed. The front seats in the Hyundai Azera provide special comfort and deeply built support with the increased ability to absorb shocks in the event of a rear-end collision reducing neck and head injuries in unexpected situations.