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The Toyota Previa is a multi-purpose vehicle (minivan in North America) produced by Toyota since 1990. The name "Previa" comes from the Italian for "preview," as Toyota saw the first Previa as a vehicle that would preview technologies used in future minivans. Along with the Toyota Sienna, the Previa was introduced as the largest minivan in Toyota's range, sold from 1991 through 1997. The Previa gets 17-18 MPG in the city and 20-22 MPG on the highway, with 4-speed automatic transmission.

The supercharged AWD minivan by Toyota features a reliable power train, comfortable interior, car-like handling and a folding rear bench seat for convenience. The superior performance of the Previa is a result of its advanced VVT-i and D-4D engines. The four-cylinder engine, one of the most powerful in its class, produces 168hp at 4,000rpm of torque, ensuring the Previa responds very quickly and safely to your driving expectations.

The Previa also delivers outstanding space and safety, coupled with excellent fuel economy. Once in the driving seat, you’ll immediately become aware of the superior quality and lay-out of the Previa’s cabin, with its luxurious cloth trim and great ergonomic features.
The high driving position affords an outstanding view of the road ahead, while the Previa’s large windows offer first-rate visibility in all directions. It is also very easy to adjust the seat height and steering wheel. No matter which position you choose, you’ll find all the controls within reach. You can also adjust - and heat - both wing mirrors electrically and, with Toyota’s unique Optitron displays you can see information ‘projected’ on to the instrument panel, with almost no glare and reflection.
Depending on your needs you have a choice of five, six, seven or even eight seat configurations – with luggage space to match- and takes no time at all. For ease of access, there are wide sliding doors on both sides. And, because of itsexceptionally low floor height, the Toyota Previa offers the best head and leg room in its class.

The six-speaker audio system maximises sound balance throughout, while the air-conditioning and air-filter systems keep the cabin cool and makes your journey comfortable and enjoyable. The thick carpet and rich upholstery, plus the vehicle’s new platform cuts noice and vibration to a minimum.

Previa has so many safety and security features, that on the road you need not to worry about the safety of your family. The highly crash-resistant body-shell and energy-absorbing side-impact beams in the side doors provide excellent protection for all passangers. Gear-shifting is smooth and easy with both the four-speed automatic gearbox and the five-speed manual version, while power-assisted steering affords precise control, especially when turning and parking.